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Brought to light by David Jones of Apache OFbiz fame, the Moqui Ecosystem is a powerful development framework that provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for building highly customised enterprise applications. From database interactions, file access, caching and security, to workflow, logging, templates and interaction, the Moqui Framework stands tall as the best ecosystem to develop the right java-based application for your enterprise. Following the footsteps of OFBiz in being an open source software, it includes special business artifacts called Mantle Business Artifacts, which makes it an excellent alternative to Apache OFBiz and other open source ERPs and CRMs. The Moqui Ecosystem contains several code repositories covering the framework, tool integrations and various other applications. In addition, it also provides integral support for modern tools like Camel, Jackrabbit, jBDM, ElasticSearch and Drools.

The flexibility and scalability of the Moqui Framework inherently makes it the best foundation to build your desired enterprise application on. Relying on dynamic runtime functionality, Moqui requires no code generation, making your artifacts easy to maintain.It boasts of a 3-tier architecture that caters to database interaction, user interaction and a feature-rich logic layer built around service-oriented principles, which makes it easy to build a service library for internal application use.


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