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Time is one of the most precious resources we have. In order to make the most of our time, we must learn how to accomplish our goals and tasks through effective management of our daily schedule.Our solution will:

> Work in a high-paced, demanding, interrupt-driven environment.
> Provide  greater control of your time and tasks
> Improve performance out of your workday.

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Our solution is systematic approach to gain control of your information / interruption overload, time and activities using the powerful capabilities of the mobile and cloud solutions. If you are looking for just a productivity solution for just yourself or if you are looking for a field   team productivity solutions that can streamline, optimize and measure your team you can call us to present our solutions.




BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) sector globally has seen a transformation and has grown many folds in last decade. Companies in the BFSI sector are constantly increasing their investments in IT as part of their strategy to increase profits, improve time-to-market of new products and services, cope with regulatory changes and meet rising customer demands.The current trend in BFSI in many emerging and developed counties is to make mobile solutions for the enterprise as well in for the banking users.

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The enterprise gains significance as the business is no longer done within the confines of a office. The field person on the move needs to be adequately tasked with information to make instant decisions on a sales or a service. SAADHVI technology solution in the area of BFSI applies to different generic verticals that include sales, service and collections.

Benefits :

Digitize your field data with Customizable online forms on the mobile application.
Increase productivity both within and outside of your enterprise.
Make your field operations part of your sales process.
Give your customers instant answer when it comes to application processing.
Automate complete business process workflow.
Measure and optimize team’s performance.
Automate process without major investments in acquiring new system/software. Plugs in to your existing system.
Go paperless, Go Green!




The rental industry today faces thread bare competition, competitive pricing, the need for Rental Agility, high Customer engagement and need for Faster market penetration to beat the competition. If you are you are on among the many who face this same scenario. Then you need to find the rental solution that will put you on the right path to success.

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SAADHVI Technology provides rental management solutions that drive your Sales team to provide instant answers to new rental be it availability of rental or up selling on a sales deal.

    • Warehouse management to be streamlined and optimized and agile.
    • Your field management to follow and implement a more trackable business process workflow.
    • Service technician to deliver instant service when needed.
    • Introducing AARMSYS, RMS- Sales mobile capture and Tracker – mobile suite of products to serve your rental needs.[/read]



Our retail industry solutions starts right from the moment we launch a campaign to merchandize your products to delivering a targeted user reaching program to then persuading the client to engage in seamless shopping experience on his mobile. Gone are the days of providing less valuable SMS or email campaigns.

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Enter in to the world of targeted campaigns based on locations. We have the solutions that will put you on the path to success when it comes to reachable your clients in most effective and timely way.

Ask for our interactive kiosk. Attract, engage and convert the customers into your retail web. Ask for our Saadhvi Technology solution to deliver coupons when the client needs it and what they need and where they need it. The entire ecosystem of products co-exists to provide the shopping experience at that moment.

We help you Promote your Business– A solutions that gives you more power to reach the right people with the right ads at the right time.

Industry needs

    • Today’s industry there is a lot of stress to find the right customer for advertising the solutions or product.
    • SMS has been used in lot of scenarios to send out bulk advertisements and the SMS has become a nuisance than adding value to the customer.
    • The lack of location based SMS targeting is also an issue.

Market Segment

    • We have great application ecosystem that solves the above issues related to SMS.
    • We will be able to target customers based on his preferences, buying patterns, location on his mobile and on the web.
    • The advertisement or offer distribution is across verticals.

Using proximity advertisement enables the offers to be sent to the Users mobile when the Users in the vicinity of the offer

Why you’d use it?

These ads are a powerful way to advertise in-store promotions and incentivize customers to visit. Ads also display your phone number or business location on a Google Map for Mobile, giving customers everything they need to visit your store and redeem the offer.



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