Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing represents the biggest disruptive trend in computing this decade.With its focus on delivering high-quality services by keeping abreast of cutting-edge technologies and latest developments, Saadhvi Technology has invested in getting the experts aboard. The result-highly efficient cloud computing services that spell hope for your company's bottom-line. IT efficiency on a whole new scale.

Saadhvi Technology envisions a world of many clouds-both private and public-that is open and compatible. From single systems to massive amounts of IT resources, you can install and access everything on demand in real time at affordable costs. Our extensive portfolio of products and services, along with open communities and partner ecosystems makes this vision a reality. Our cloud computing solutions have been built using open APIs, thereby reducing the barriers to exit. Since it uses open standards, you get more options with competing, interoperable vendors. Our comprehensive, flexible platform meets the needs of large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and even small companies. Find out how you can make dramatic savings with Saadhvi's cloud computing service package.


Cloud computing versus traditional software:

    • Our cloud computing solutions free you from the risks associated with traditional software-high failure rates, hidden costs, unacceptable risks, and protracted implementations.
    • With Saadhvi's cloud computing technology, you can focus on solving the real issues rather than getting side-tracked into infrastructure requirements, maintenance hassles, and upgrades.
    • Traditional business applications are complicated and expensive. They require investment in infrastructure, software and manpower. Cloud-based apps can be up and running in a few days. They cost less, since you only need to pay for what you use; you won't find yourself having to pay for features that you don't use.
    • Traditional software requires investing on development, testing, staging, production, and so on. Multiply all these procedures across dozens of apps and you'll realize that even the largest organizations with the best IT departments don't always get the apps they need. Cloud computing     on the other hand runs on a shared data center. To use an app that runs in the cloud, you simply need to log in, customize it, and start using it     like traditional apps.
    • Cloud computing apps are more scalable, secure, and reliable than traditional apps. Upgrades are taken care of automatically.


Advantages of cloud computing services

Web-services Integration:

Cloud computing technology is easier to integrate with your other enterprise applications.

Superior service delivery:

Cloud computing infrastructure offer complete disaster recovery, better scalability, and impressive uptime numbers.

No installation of software or hardware:

Cloud computing technology is simple; you require significantly lesser capital expenditure to get up and running.

Faster and lower-risk deployment:

Cloud computing infrastructure gets up and running quickly. Even with extensive customization, your cloud computing apps can go live in a matter of weeks.

Administrative savings:

The cloud computing infrastructure allows for significant savings in administrative costs-more than 50 percent when compared to client/server software.


Cloud computing technology boasts all the benefits of multi-tenancy, including built-in security, reliability, upgradability, and ease of use.

Discover how cloud computing can be integrated with your existing set up!