Testing Tools

Selenium Automation Tool

  1. Many software applications today are written as web-based applications to be run in an Internet browser.The effectiveness of testing varies widely among companies and organizations.
  2. In an era of highly interactive and responsive software process test automation is frequently becoming a   requirement for software projects.
  3. There SAADHVI plays a vital role with its Selenium experts by delivering high quality output for their respectable customers.
  4. Selenium is being utilized in SAADHVI across all the major projects which run on Web browsers across many platforms.
  5. We do work on different parts of Selenium like Selenium IDE (Record and Playback), Selenium Remote Control (Running on different browsers), Selenium Grid (Running tests parallel in different machine with different OS and different browsers).

Usage of Selenium in SAADHVI

  1. We have successfully utilized Selenium in Two major projects and three in house applications.
  2. Utilization of Selenium in AJAX projects has always been a challenge in the market and we have overcome  it successfully for our client base
  3. We have implemented Selenium in two different frameworks such as JUNIT and TESTNG.
  4. JUnit and TestNG has been utilized has a powerful bridge in building up the application across the browsers.
  5. We have exported the test case to various common languages such as Java, .Net, PHP, Perl, Ruby and succeeded to run through Selenium Remote Control in different browsers.
  6. Utilization of Grid functionality in Selenium has always been a challenging task and we have implemented it successfully by testing the scripts in various machines with different OS and parallel browsers.
  7. In agile framework we have implemented the tool successfully.

Advantages of using selenium in SAADHVI

  1. Since we have experts in multiple languages, we are platform independent on working with Selenium in build frameworks like Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP.
  2. Recording of scripts is done weekly once for agile projects to accomplish the new functionalities completed by developers.
  3. Deadlines are not postponed and targets are met on date as per the work effort given.
  4. We with the help of Selenium Grid transparently distribute your tests on multiple machines so that you can run your tests in parallel, cutting down the time required for running in-browser test suites. This will dramatically speeds up in-browser web testing, giving you quick and accurate feedback you can rely on to improve your web application.

QTP Automation Tool


  1. In the web and client based era user holds lots of correlation with huge interaction with the systems. Saadhvi as in Web and client based division provides valuable way to produced the Quality in the term of Testing.
  2. Saadhvi react according to the requirement and frame the environment for the best Testing Process.
  3. Our Testers utilize QTP in Testing family in need for functional and the regression testing.
  4. Our Testing personality has Expertise in the QTP Frame Work and the VB Scripting. Having superior relationship with Manual and Automation Team. 


  1. As per the requirement set, side by side plan for Automation testing is carried out. Shaping the Environment Bed Testing.
  2. Testing starts in the earlier stage which could lead to effective outcome of the project.


  1. Saadhvi Automate Test Engineer drives QTP In various levels and monitor the behavior of system.


  1. Preparing Test Script with all possibilities .primarily it is carried out through VB Script. 
  2. Executing the Test script and capture the result obtained.
  3. Obtaining regression testing when ever essential.
  4. Gathering Test Report in the aspect which incurred in the Process.


Performance testing tool.
This tool is used by the Quality analysts at Saadhvi to test both web applications and native mobile applications.
Objective of this tool is tabulated below:



Stability Will 2,000 concurrent hits crash the server?
Performance Is response time acceptable according to specifications?
Functionality under load Do business processes function properly under heavy load?