Testing Process

The testing process of Saadhvi is outlined below.


The following input is required to test an application:

  1. Functional specifications.
  2. Requirements.
  3. Performance objectives.
  4. Deployment scenarios.


  1. Create test plans : Create test plan documentation with a prioritized list of test cases and execution details.
  2. Review the design : Review the design to ensure that it addresses all the deployment scenarios and the    requirements. Also ensure adherence to guidelines for performance, security, globalization, maintainability, and so on.  
  3. Review the implementation : Review the code to ensure that various best practices are followed.
  4. Perform black box testing : Test the code from an end-user perspective by executing all the end-user scenarios.
  5. Perform white box testing : Analyze the code for failure scenarios and simulate them by passing invalid data using custom test harnesses.


The test results are captured through documentation and reports.
1. Documentation : The documents created by Saadhvi capture details of each and every scenario.
2. Reports : Reports are produced bearing in mind requirements from the Client.