AARMSYS is an asset and rental management system that helps in procurement, productivity, reporting and assessment of one’s asset and business. With AARMSYS one can automate, streamline, optimize their asset management and also increase their asset efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of AARMSYS:

    • Increase your asset efficiency.
    • Automate your rental procedure.
    • Streamline Asset record management.
    • Infuse intelligence into your procurement.

Product features:

    • Integration with RFID.
    • Find slots on asset availability without having to sift through extensive amounts of textual data.
    • Browser based,user friendly and customizable online application.
    • Access from anywhere using IE (Internet Explorer version 8) using Intranet/Internet.
    • Single site installation gives easy maintenance.
    • Dynamic nature provides user control over configuration.
    • Email notification for alerts.
    • Enhanced reports generation with business intelligence.
    • Track all assets based on location, client, working status & more.
    • Generate and track job orders for assets.