Products and Technologies

.Net v2.0,Windows Server 2003,Composite UI Application Block,Smart Client Software Factory,Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows forms 2007

Organization Overview

TeleDynamics is a powerful telecommunications software suite that empowers carriers with automation, analysis and decision support capability to effectively manage international interconnect complexities, transform volume rate and dial code notifications to provide actionable insight, maximize ROI, improve business intelligence and thereby reduce costs and increase profitability across their networks.


The telecom management suite that TeleDynamicX was offering was written in C++ builder. They were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain and redistribute the application while providing advanced features. Another main challenge was that they wanted the application to have a futuristic look and feel and that the appearence be controlled by the user.


Saadhvi Technology was awarded the project by TeleDynamicx owing to its earlier exposure to Windows Smart Client development and its expertise in .Net 2.0 application engineering. Infragistics Net advantage for Windows forms was chosen for the presentation layer to provide the futuristic look and feel that TeleDynamicx wanted. The application is currently under development and immensely challenging business problems are already being solved with Saadhvi Technology's expertise in the domain and the tools that .Net 2.0 environment provides along with third party APIs. The application is developed with modularity, ease of deployment, future add-ons, scalability etc in mind.


TeleDynamicx is well on its way to having one of the most sophisticated Telecom management applications. This application would solve their maintenance issues while increasing their revenue from their flagship product, while handling greater volumes of data.