Products and Technologies

.Net 3.5,Windows Server 2003,Javascript,JSON,SQL Server 2005,C# 3.0,LINQ,XML

Organization Overview

Open incorporated Inc services many counties in USA with their healthcare software products.


The client had the need to develop utility programs to enable the interaction between different system in their environment.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to design, code and test all the utilities. The solution was delivered with emphasis on quality and as well as short time constraints. Generate universally readable XML - DB data details are converted from proprietary database format into universally accessible XML format. This facilitates EDI across independent subsystems. Technologies: XmlReader, XmlWriter, File I/O PCR Generator - PCR generator collects these details about a patient and generates an electronic report complete with digital signature to be delivered to the patient at the time of discharge. Saadhvi Technology achieved this by using commercial libraries. Technologies: AspPDF library ReadUDPMessage - This socket programming utility read UDP messages and wrote UDP message to a socket which was then used for updating the Database. Technologies: Networking (UDP), Webservice SQLServer to Excel - We have developed an adapter that transforms data from an enterprise database (sql server, oracle) table to "xls" format. Technologies: office adapter, file I/O Time and expense report - Simple time and expense tracking application.


With all the above utilities and more our client was able to effectively integrate all their existing systems and as well as develop some internal applications to improve their operational efficiencies.