Products and Technologies

.Net 3.5,C# 3.0,LINQ,Windows Server 2003,Ajax’s,JSON,Windows Service, Web Service,XML,Java script

Organization Overview

Open incorporated Inc services many counties in USA with their healthcare software products. The data for the central system was supplied by mobile devices. The huge amount data collected by all the devices was a wealth of information.


The data on the central system needed to be presented through a UI which facilitated the drill down functionality of a dataware housing system. The unstructured data collected needed to be regrouped and rearranged so that it could be made accessible to the reporting application.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to design, code and test the reporting system which has the capability to report and extrapolate the result to n-dimensions. Advanced web technologies such a AJAX was used to increase performance of the reporting system. Extensive innovative data caching techniques were applied. The UI not only involved display of alpha-numerical data but all the graphical representation of the data such a pie, chart, bar graphs. Data warehousing technologies such as dimensions and queries were analysed and understood and implemented to develop the reporting system. Reporting system provides for facilities to schedule reports and as well as generate PDFs.


Open Incorporated has functional reporting system that is built on par with their requirements. The ease of use of the system, robustness of the code, reusable component of the code components, and a clean UI made this project a success for the client.