Products and Technologies

.Net 3.5,.Net Compact Framework 2.0,C# 3.0,Windows Server 2003,Windows Mobile Application SDK,Microsoft Ink 1.7,Smart Client Software Factory,Infragistics Net advantage 6.3,LINQ

Organization Overview

Open incorporated Inc services many counties in USA with their healthcare software products. The data for the central system was supplied by non-mobile methods or through the use of a tablet PC. This application was designed using a Delphi application which failed to provide many extended features that . Net frame work provide today on a desktop environment.


The information that was currently presented on the Tablet PC was envisioned by the client to be migrated from Delphi to .Net 2.0. The significant requirements for the design were that the new .Net 2.0 Tablet PC version would improve the ease of use, ease of deployment, decrease maintenance with improved scalability and also to provide a much robust architecture than the existing Delphi tablet PC application. The first challenge though was to develop relevant UI on the .Net C# solution which will match or better the UI of the tablet PC. The application also needed to posses the intelligence to detect the connection state to the Internet and that the data sent be secured using X.509 certificate.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to architect the new system which will provide security, performance and scalability on the top of a better UI. The device under consideration for deployment was hammerhead devices that work on Windows XP Tablet PC edition. Our n-tier solution comprised of the development of a smart client software factory which provided the provided the facility to support data manipulation during the online and offline status of the mobile device. The application uses SQL CE version 2.0 data base to store the data related to the patient. To provide high performance solution we produced a highly efficient cache coherency and data caching techniques. To ensure the scalability and the maintenance of the system at the modular level, the system is architecture based on the recommendation of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group. Smart Client Software factory is used to maintain the scalability and maintenance of the application. By using Smart Client Software factory we achieve a loosely coupled yet well integrated system. The UI enhancements have been customized to the Office 2007 look and feel using the Infragistics Net advantage tools. The application has been customized to work on tablet pc using the Micro soft Ink ver 1.7. So the application can pretty much understand and recognize the ink and interpret them with in the application.


Open Incorporated has a robust architecture in place to build the mobile system. The development of this mobile system was awarded to Saadhvi Technology on account of its expert consultancy service on mobile architecture. This system is another example of how technology can be used as a force multiplier to improve efficiency that results in higher productivity.