Products and Technologies

Microsoft Technologies (Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008),SQL Server 2008,C#,Infragistics Controls – 8.1,LINQ (Language Integrated Query),RedGate API to synch DB

Organization Overview

A Fire and Life Safety and Fire Materials Group offers enormous growth, service and information delivery capability. The Companies have been working through significant centralization processes, infrastructure enhancements and application developments that are the foundation for the next generation


They have to evolve their suite of products to scale to a larger audience and meet enterprise standards inside and outside. Re-Architect has to be done to the Product to produce a SOA complaint product that can be used to plug and play in their environment.


They selected Saadhvi Technology for their deep expertise in developing SOA applications for enterprise and developing N-Tier applications. The product is still in evolution and Saadhi's team interfaces with the client by following the Agile methodology. Designers from Saadhvi Technology study the requirements and proceed to design the application based on their expectations. The entire application uses Infragistics Net Advantage for Windows application to provide a consistent look and feel while allowing the user a greater control over it.


They provides customer-centric repair assessment and estimations. The customer benefits immediately by having succinct, well prioritized, and thorough work scopes that can be assigned to contractors for timely completion.