Products and Technologies

AS3, Flex, .Net, Ajax, Sandy 3D, Away 3D, XML, Web services, Java scripting and .Net3.5 by using C#

Organization Overview

The client is a premier provider of streaming videos specifically to cater the entertainment market dealing with Hotels, Crew ships and all kinds of Tourism Development.


The client has to deliver 3D Video instantaneously to all its clients.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to provide a solution to come up with a solution that displays 3D images for their wide customer base. After careful assessment and research of various technologies Saadhvi Technology came up with the solution to use smart3D component combined with Flash 10, web services and AJAX. Rich Internet Application (RIA) has provided the capabilities to render images in 3D with accuracy and performance. There by it is resulted in increased revenues for the client. The main aspect of this solution is the extensive use of Sandy3D and other competing technologies.


The client by using the technology that was delivered through Saadhvi Technology to them was not only able to make the system more reusable across the different client bases, but able to produce a product that was on par with their parameter of accuracy and performance.