Products and Technologies

Net 4.0, Windows Azure Cloud, CMIS 1.0,Adobe Air Client, Ajax, Web services, Javascript.

Organization Overview

The Client is a premier provider of Media Gallery which has a good resolution of Photographs, Videos etc specifically to cater the entertainment market dealing with Hotels, Crew ships and all kinds of Tourism Development.


The Challenge is to develop a Application to manage the Digital Assets like Images, Photographs, Videos, Documents etc which will be running on the Cloud Windows Azure. The Application will be allowed to used by various middle clients based on subscription basis. Accordingly they can manage all of their Digital Assets in one single location and share them across multiple agencies or vendors through Access Levels and Permissions. Moreover, The Application should able to intercommunicate with any Enterprise CMS Systems.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to provide a solution for Developing this Enterprise level Digital Management System which will be hosted under Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud.The Application will be integrated using the Technologies like the Webservices for Communication between the Azure Cloud and the Client Application. Additionally, for Communicating between the Enterprise CMS, CMIS 1.0 Standards are used so that the Application can able to Serve as a Repository for any CMIS Complaint Client.


As a Product, the end users can able to manage their Company Digital Assets in a more flexible way and also helps them share across any branches or users around the globe. This also helps them to keep track of their Asset Licenses and Contact details of the original source of the Assets.