Products and Technologies

Flex, Ajax, Web services, Javascript, .Net 3.5 Integrated with mojoPortal (CMS)

Organization Overview

The Client is a premier provider of Media Gallery which has a good resolution of Photographs, Videos etc specifically to cater the entertainment market dealing with Hotels, Crew ships and all kinds of Tourism Development.


The Challenge is to develop a (CMS based) Business Marketing Site for highlighting some of the unique features of the media gallery which includes frequent content updates with highly customizable pages filled with dynamic images and modal windows. This also includes customizing the Media Gallery which will be viewed via Flash Players. The site has to be developed using the mojoPortal architecture and should be delivered in a short duration of 2 months.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to provide a solution for a Content Management System for the Marketing Division in a flexible way that the users can able to manage the Site Content which Includes Textual, Graphical and Video Content. Instead of working from scratch, Saadhvi Technology customized the mojoPortal Application according to the Client requirements with Custom Themes, Custom Page Layouts etc.


This website has been designed using Mojoportal , a content management system .This facilitates the website administrator to manage the content of the website in an easy and intuitive way.Some of the Major functionalities are 1.Home Page Banner Flash Player 2.Interactive Map Player 3.Image Gallery 4.Customized Hyperlinks for Displaying the Content in the Modal Pop window 5.Ajax based Webservice Integration for Searching Hotels , Cruises etc.We have integrated Flex/AS3 into CMS that has made this site more appealing to the users.This website was designed for a client with more than 10,000 customers worldwide.